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“Something Beautiful” explores eye-opening self-reflections from an array of influential people which exemplify critical junctures of upheaval and portray how these individuals overcame their doubts by striving to adopt the self-realization that they are more than enough. The sentiment behind these interviews reveals the raw honesty and integrity that it takes to yield harmony with past calamities. Each handpicked anecdote investigates three interconnected pillars: hope, self-reflection, and seeing one’s full potential. Rather than focusing on the product or service that these businesses are selling, this podcast highlights the behind-the-scene’s of running a business: establishing self-identity, finding purpose, fostering motivation, and most importantly, composing the self-realizations that are necessary to achieve self-growth and promote success.


Episode 2: Alicia Cook is a writer and author of "Sorry I Haven't Texted You Back". I met Alicia a few years ago when she collaborated on a project for Addiction awareness. Since then Alicia has released multiple poetry books bout her life. Together, Alicia and I discuss our creativity process, advocating for those close to us, the mind of an artist and more.

Feel free to check out Alicia Cook on Instagram @TheAliciacook


Episode 1: Cecilia Lihv is the CFO of Soccerviza & CEO of Soccerviza Football Club in Costa Rica. Cecilia is an inspiration to people who look to break the status quo. Together, we discuss her life as a mother, a business woman and her future in Costa Rica.




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